What do the warmth categories really mean?

Shell – a thin outer layer that provides a barrier against the elements, but is not insulated. Depending on the conditions you can fully layer with a first layer and an insulator for extreme weather, or if it’s a warmer day just wear a light, breathable first layer underneath. Shells are great for hiking and backcountry riding because they are the most versatile option, allowing you to adapt your gear to changing weather conditions. Shells are also preferable because they are easily packable and lightweight.


Light – a light amount of insulation for slightly cool temperatures. It’s still a good idea to wear a first layer when out riding or in the cold for an extended period of time.


Mid – For the average rider, mid jackets provide a wide range of comfort and versatility. The perfect medium between light and heavy; good for most winter conditions.


Heavy – The most insulated jackets we make for the coldest temperatures. While these jackets have plenty of warmth, they should still be considered part of a layering system, which starts with a breathable first layer.




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