Insulation Explained


Ultrafine synthetic fibers intertwined to create dense, warmth-trapping air pockets.

Only found in youth styles.

  • Proprietary Burton synthetic insulation
  • Youth specific synthetic insulation
  • Good warmth to weight ratio
  • Meet and exceeds our DRYRIDE standard for warmth


WARMER - Thermolite, Primaloft SYNTHETIC Fiber Fill

Thermolite is a synthetic insulating material that has warmth without as much weight. Primaloft is softer and has waterproof microfibers which will help it keep the same volume to trap air when other insulating materials will not.


  • Bluesign approved
  • 50% Recycled material
  • Retains warmth, without the weight
  • Best in category insulation rating
  • Found in Men’s and Women’s BURTON Jackets.


Very soft, best warmth when wet.

Waterproof insulation

  • Microfibers -- just a fraction the diameter of a human hair -- make this insulation compressible, warm and soft.
  • Specially engineered to be hydrophobic (water hating) on the fiber level
  • Found in AK styles



Nature’s best insulator. The most warmth for the least weight and bulk. Just don’t get it wet. Comprised of goose and duck down feathers.

In both AK and BURTON collections.

  • We trace our down from farm to product to ensure that every feather we use originates from ethically treated ducks and geese.
  • Our Responsibly Sourced Down (RSD) standard helps assure sound animal welfare and ensure that birds are not force-fed or live plucked.
  • QUALITY: Ratio of down clusters to feathers. Clusters trap more air and are considered higher quality. All Burton jackets are at least 80/20.
  • FILL POWER: Graded for quality based on number of cubic inches one ounce of down can fill.
  • This displacement is referred to as “fill power”; 400-450 fill down is fair, 500-575 fill is good, 600 and above is excellent.
  • More loft = more insulation for less weight.
  • Takeaway: Higher loft makes lighter garments. Goose down is more expensive, lighter, and performs better.



  • Living lining is fueled by the wicking ability of our synthetic insulations.
  • Offers automatic climate control without added bulk or weight
    • Keeps cool – when you’re warm the breathable pores expand to release excess warmth and prevent overheating
    • Stay warm – when you’re cold breathable pores shrink to trap body heat and keep you warmer longer



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