What is DWR?

DWR (Durable Water Repellent) is the first line of defense for your outerwear. This water repellent coating helps keep light rain and snow from saturating the outer fabric of any outerwear by beading up then dispersing surface moisture. This keeps the face fabric of the jacket from becoming saturated, adding weight, and reducing performance. DWR can be found on all of our technical jackets and pants.




For 2016, we have updated all non-technical jackets to be C0 DWR (originally long-chain 8 [C8] carbons). Byproducts of C8 chemistry are extremely toxic and persist in the environment. Since C0 has shorter carbon chains, this leads to less environmental impact. Because C0 does not yet meet our high performance standards for on-snow performance, you’ll find it in all of our non-technical jackets.


Two years ago Burton was one of the first companies to exclusively use C6 chemistry (now the industry standard). We continue to develop new DWR coatings that are more environmentally friendly and meet on-snow performance needs.



(DWR, waterproof, waterproofing)

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