Wheel Kit Instructions

This kit includes 2 wheels with bearings, installation tool and 2 axles. 

1. Applying this revolutionary product is easy and you don’t even have to wear protective equipment. First thing to consider is there are two different sides of each bag and one axle per side.  Each axle is marked “R” for right and “L” for left.  

2.Another note regarding the axle. The wheel replacement kit comes with the two axles and a nut installed on each threaded end.  You will not need to use this nut for basic installation.  Remove these nuts and throw them over you right shoulder for good luck. If you have already lost a wheel or wheels the following steps (3 & 4) are unnecessary.                                                                              

3. Remove left wheel and axle by spinning the tool clockwise until the axle is no longer engaged in any threads and pull out.

4. Do the same for the right wheel. This time spin the tool counter-clockwise to remove the axle.

5. Before installing the wheel try the axle in the bag without the wheel and verify that the threads match by threading the axle in until finger tight. If you do not have the correct axle for the correct side it will not thread and forcing the axle with the tool will only damage your already handicapped bag.

6. Place wheel in its position as pictured above and install axle through wheel and into axle housing. For the left wheel tighten by spinning the tool counter-clockwise until tight, it is important not to over torque the axles.

7. For the right wheel install the axle through the wheel and tighten by spinning clockwise

8. With the change complete, you are ready to resume your travels.



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