What size Skins do I need? How do I fit them to my board?

We offer 2 different sizes of skins. The small fits boards sized 146-160cm and the mediums fit boards sized 158-172 cm.


To apply skins to your board:

  1. Attach skin – make sure you line up the correct skin with the correct ski. You’ll know you’re right when the curve of the skin matches the curve of the ski. Place the tip hooks over the nose of the ski. You can adjust the angle of the hooks so they hold the tip securely. Peel off the backing material and stretch the skin tightly across the base. Make sure the straight edge of the skin covers the base, but leaves the metal exposed.
  2. Adjust tail clip – With the skin tight adjust the tail clip to make the skin taught.
  3. Trim sidecut – use the trimming tool included with your skins to trim the excess skin off the curved edge of the ski. The included G3 trimming tool is offset, so it fully exposes the edge without having to realign the skin. Once finished, you should see only the metal edges exposed.


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