2L or 3L?

2L – Shell fabric with lamination or membrane applied to the backside. Generally used in garments with lining or insulation to protect membrane. Lining increases garment weight, but also improves the wicking, durability and next to skin comfort. The majority of our jackets are 2L as we primarily sell insulated garments in the winter season.

2.5L – 2L fabric with additional print (.5L) applied to the lamination. More comfortable and packable as the .5 layer print eliminates need for lining. Additionally, a distinctive raised print layer is applied for decreased surface tension when layering and increased moisture management. Primarily found in our SS collection, used for rainwear.

3L – Ultimate water and wind resistance and breathability due to the advanced construction. Utilizes 2L fabric with an ultralight scrim bonded to the inside of the membrane. Built for long term exposure in extreme conditions. Extremely durable due to the 3 layers providing a more rugged outer shell.




(2L, 3L, shell, water, wind)

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