My Boots Keep Getting Wet Inside

While no boot is completely waterproof, all of our boots have a water resistant treatment on the outside of the boot, similar to your outerwear, in conjunction with an EVA foam layer on the inside of the shell material to act as a physical barrier. There's also a layer of PTFE which is naturally hydrophobic, or moisture repelling. Some boots feature cosmetic perforations on the toe box, but the EVA foam, and PTFE materials found underneath will keep moisture out of the boot.  

Spring riding brings additional challenges for keeping your feet dry.  Riders are dealing with heavier and wetter snow, walking through more puddles, and creating more sweat during a day of riding. Because of these factors, there is a chance that the boot material can become saturated.  Unfortunately, this would not be covered by our warranty unless there was something structurally wrong with the boot causing the moisture to leak, for example, faulty seam stitching allowing snow to enter the boot.

If you think that's the case, we'd be happy to set customers up with a warranty claim. But, if these boots are sent in with this issue and there is no defect in the construction of the boots, we will likely return the boots as they are. We would hate for anyone to waste time or money without this information first. To create a warranty claim, please see this link: Warranty Process.

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