Do you sell boot liners separately?

Yes, we now offer select liners online.  For Men, we offer the Infinite Ride liner shown here and the Toaster liner shown here.

And for Women, we offer the Toaster Liner shown here

If you are trying to get a better fit follow the instructions below:

Depending on the liners most of our boot models are heat-moldable. This can be done at any official Burton Dealer who has a Therm-ic heat molding unit.

We do not suggest heat molding our liners without using the correct tools. DO NOT PUT ANY LINERS IN YOUR OVEN. We also do not recommend trying to heat mold more than 2 times. At that point, they are really as molded as they will be.

Simply riding your boots will give you a better fit. The heat from your feet causes the boots to mold/break in. Please note that boots featuring our Infinite Ride liners will break in less than a traditional Imprint or Life Liner, ensuring a more consistent fit throughout the life of the boot.

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