Re:Flex™ or EST bindings?

With EST® bindings you benefit from all the advantages of The Channel™ system:

  • Great board feel from the flexible foot beds
  • Widest range of stance possibilities on the market
  • Fast mounting, adjustments

Please note that EST® bindings will only mount to boards with The Channel™.

Re:flex bindings allow you to mount your bindings on The Channel™, 3 hole, or 4 hole pattern boards.

Mounting a Re:Flex™ binding on board featuring The Channel™ is definitely possible and offers riders less board feel but greater response as there is harder material between the foot and the surface of the board.  The RE:Flex™ bindings still flex, unlike some other bindings, so you still get great feel, just not in the same league as EST® bindings.

To keep it simple, we recommend EST® bindings be used with The Channel™ boards, but you can definitely go against the grain and mount Re:Flex bindings on The Channel™ if you wish. Re:Flex™ is the best option if you want to move your bindings between boards with The Channel™ and 3 or 4 hole patterns.

( Reflex re flex re-flex )

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