Do I need a wide board?


Selecting the correct width snowboard is equally as important as selecting the appropriate length snowboard. Width of a snowboard is critical in that it prevents toe and heel drag when leaning the board over in to a turn. Too narrow of a width for your boot size, and your toes/heels could drag and cause a bobble or fall. Too wide of a width and the board will not react quickly and will feel sluggish and awkward to turn. Somewhere in between is the happy medium of width for your boot size.

In general, snowboards increase in width as they increase in length. This assumes that larger riders will need longer boards and will have larger feet. While this may be an accurate trend, many riders will be exceptions to this rule. If you are a size 9 boot, you can stop reading this article right now because you will be fine on just about any Men’s board in our line. It’s also important to note that recent Burton boots feature Shrinkage® Tech which helps to mitigate the necessity for a wide board. A Burton size 12 has a similar shell profile and volume to many competitor’s size 11’s.  

If you are a size 11 or 12, you might want to consider our wide offerings depending on the board length that you prefer. If you are a 12 boot and enjoy shorter park boards, then you will definitely benefit from a wide board. If you are a 12 boot and prefer to ride freeride boards longer than 160cm, then you can stick with a non-wide board because your chosen board will already be wide enough.

Wide boards maintain the same geometry and ride characteristic as non-wide boards, so your larger-footed riders aren’t missing anything by purchasing a wide board. In fact, a wide board will feel the same to you as a non-wide board does for someone with size 9 boots. Wide boards are offered at many price-points, but not all models. So if you feel as though you might need a wide size to accommodate your large feet, consider models with wide offerings like the Custom and the Process.

In general, female riders will not need a wide board, which is why we do not offer a wide women's board. If you are an extreme outlier (women's 11+ boot) you may need to consider riding a men's board. 

Also see this article on choosing a board length.

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