Goggle Care - How do I treat my goggles right?

Inside of the lens/goggle

  • If you have snow or fog inside your goggles as the result of a crash or wearing them on your forehead, you'll want to take extra care not to rub the lens when it's wet or icy.
  • Before a goggle lens is assembled the inner lens material is coated with an anti-fog treatment that permanently adheres to the inner lens surface to help prevent fogging. When this anti-fog coating gets wet, it becomes soft and can become scratched if rubbed or wiped.
  • If this happens again, first shake or tap the goggles to remove the excess snow. Next, with a micro fiber cleaning cloth (or any soft cloth), blot the inside of the lens to remove any residual moisture. Once the inside of the goggle has completely dried you can use a soft cloth or the included lens bag to lightly wipe away any smudges or spots.

Outside of the lens/goggle

  • Snow, ice or rain on the outside lens can also cause problems.
  • DO NOT to rub the lens when it is wet. You can inadvertently rub off the reflective mirror finish or scratch the lens by rubbing or wiping when wet. Instead shake or tap the goggles to remove as much of the snow/water as possible.  
  • Once you have done this you can blot the lens with a soft cloth or the included lens bag. Only after it is dry should you try to clean the lens by rubbing or wiping with the goggle bag or micro fiber cleaning cloth.
  • If the lens has ice on it you should try to warm up the goggle before attempting this process. Put it inside your jacket or go grab a warm beverage in the lodge to let it thaw out.

General Tips

  • Keep your goggles at a reasonable temperature when you aren’t riding.
  • Leaving them hanging from your rear view mirror may be convenient, but it will likely increase the speed at which they deteriorate, especially in extreme cold or heat. Most issues with foam deteriorating are due to extreme temperatures – you wouldn’t put them in the oven, so don’t leave them in your car!
  • Putting very cold goggles on your warm face can create vapor condensation and start the downward spiral of goggle fogging. So don’t leave them in your car (or outside) overnight and throw them on without letting them acclimate.
  • Just like your boots or outerwear, let them dry out before you put them away. Goggles stored when wet, even in the microfiber cloth bag, won’t last as long or perform as well as those that are stored dry.
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