Boot Fit - How should my boots fit?

Properly fitting boots are the single most important part to enjoying snowboarding. It’s hard to have fun when your feet hurt or you can’t steer your board. Nothing ruins a perfect day faster than blisters, numb/cold/cramping feet, foot fatigue or other issues related to improperly fitting boots.

As your boots provide the leverage to control your board, you want your boots to fit comfortably snug. You wouldn’t drive a car with a loose steering wheel, would you?

First, ALWAYS lace them up before you judge the fit. If you don’t, your foot will sit much further forward in the boot and the boot will feel smaller/tighter than it really is and you’ll be more likely to buy boots that are too big. Second, once laced snugly, lean forward into your riding stance, knees slightly bent. If your toes are smashed against the front of the liner or curling under, this is too tight and you should try a half or whole size larger. If they are just touching/grazing the front of the liner in this stance, you have an optimal fit. If you cannot feel the end of the boot liner at all, you might want to try a half size smaller.

Also, rock forward onto your toes. Do your heels lift inside the boot? If the boot is laced securely, you should have a very minimal amount of lift when your weight is on the balls of your feet and you are in your riding stance. Ideally, you have no heel lift at all. If you are in snug boots, and you still have heel lift, please contact us, or try a different model of boot.

How to get a better fit:

Depending on the liners most of our boot models are heat moldable.  This can be done at any Authorized Burton Dealer who has a Therm-ic heat molding unit.

We do not suggest heat molding our liners without using the correct tools. You could melt, warp or completely destroy them and void your warranty.

Simply riding your boots will give you a better fit than out of the box. The heat from your feet causes the boots to mold / break in.

Generally, all snowboard boot liners will break in. Keep in mind that this amount of break in is drastically reduced with Burton boots featuring  Life liners, which will fit much more on day 20 like they did on day 1 than other liners. As such, please take this reduced amount of break-in into account when deciding what size to purchase.

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