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Getting sponsored by Burton Snowboards isn’t the easiest thing, but it's not impossible either.

Follow the steps below and cross your fingers!

  • Please send us your "Portfolio" (your résumé of action shots, contest results, magazine coverage, current & previous sponsors, etc.) and we will make sure to forward it to our Team Manager.  
  • If you don't have a portfolio, that means you're probably not ready for a Burton or any major brand sponsorship.               
  • However, make one as soon as possible and try to get a product sponsorship at your local/favorite shop to start with.

Burton's team of riders all began as young rippers, tearing up their local hills or mountains. From California and Vermont to The Northwest, Tahoe, East Coast, Southern California, etc. - All sponsorships begin at this regional level with Burton.

We have a network or Burton Representatives out there who are always scoping new talent in their regions. You should be looking to begin your career by dominating your local scene, at any age, whether it is a small park in Minnesota or the Aspen Snowboard Team in Colorado. If you stand out at your local mountain, and your riding will be the one thing that helps you stand out, people will notice and you will be on your way. This is when you should be thinking about sponsorship and how to get there. This is also the time for you to be improving your riding and progressing every day you are on snow. Progression is key for a company like Burton to consider you for sponsorship.

Once you have brought your riding to a level where you feel you can compete nationally, you should start thinking about creating a resume of results, photographs, and video. These three things, along with a letter explaining your accomplishments and goals, are the most important materials for a Team Manager and your Rep to see.

Contest results are important, especially if you consistently place in the top 5 spots in halfpipe, slopestyle or big air. Photos and video are great for us to be able to see your riding style and tricks. Style is important; you can see that from any of the snowboard videos out there. The pros are always refining their style, year after year. Use your cover letter to explain who you are, what you have done, what you are looking for from Burton, and where you see yourself going in this sport in the years to come. Tell us a good shredding story, or give us an account of your best pow day ever. It is important for us to get to know you a bit.

So let's run down the checklist of what you should do to get sponsored: Progress in your riding every day; Work to be the best rider in your area; Have Fun. Begin to enter local contests: Halfpipe, Boardercross, Big Air, and Slopestyle podiums are key! Have your friends or family shoot pictures and video of your best riding. Have Fun. Contact the local rep in your area first; Send them your resume, photos, video and results. Let them know Who you are, and Why you want to be sponsored.

Continue to learn new tricks and expand your riding. Be safe, but go big. When your results and your riding are at a level to compete nationally with other riders, it is time to contact Burton directly. Send us your latest results, photos, video and a letter explaining yourself. Make it good. Your first impression is very important. Send it to:

Team Management/Sponsorship

c/o Burton Snowboards

80 Industrial Pkwy

Burlington, VT 05401

Note: Best entries have been known to receive special "gifts" from Burton. Make sure your stuff is good, and you may receive something too.

We will check out all of your materials, and should be able to answer your request quickly. Do not be discouraged if your request is denied for sponsorship. All it means is that you have some better riding inside that has yet to be discovered. Continue to work on your riding in the areas that you like most. Eventually, hard work and tons of riding will be noticed, and hopefully you will be a step closer. We look forward to seeing your best stuff. And wish you luck and much snow in all of your riding endeavors.

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