Can I return an item that I have used?

Sorry, but you cannot return an item that has been used. 

Examples of items considered 'used':

  • Riding a snowboard then deciding you don't like it
  • Wearing a t-shirt for a day and then deciding you don't like the color or fit
  • Going on vacation with your new Burton luggage and then deciding it is not big enough

You are, however, allowed to try on and check out the product after delivery. If you decide you don't like the item please return it to us. Please try on shoes/boots indoors.

Essentially, you can do what you would normally do in a store and still be able to return the item.

*Please note that mounting bindings on your snowboard can often leave it in 'used' condition, even if it is not ridden, as it usually scuffs the topsheet*

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