What determines a bindings "feel" rating? What does stiffness do for the rider?

There is a lot more that determines the stiffness of your bindings than those scales on our website. They are a great guideline, but our bindings are made using different blends of materials in different molds which means that each model will perform differently. As you increase in price, you will usually have lighter and more responsive materials. A more responsive binding will give you more precision and control over your board with less effort - the drawback is that stiffness decreases your range of motion and comfort. Park or Freestyle riders often want softer, less responsive bindings to allow more mobility within the binding - tweaking, pressing and grabbing are all easier with a softer binding. Even if a binding is made in the same mold, but with different materials, it will perform differently on snow. Look through the tech features of each binding to see exactly what goes into it!

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