Backcountry Essentials

Here are our must-haves.

  • Proper layers and outerwear. Managing your sweat is very important to staying comfortable and safe. There’s nothing worse than overheating on the way up only to get cold as you change over.  For that reason you should always have keep a spare puffy insulator in a stuff sack, dry socks, and a pair of mittens in your bag. Lightweight shell outerwear with good venting will keep you dry and comfortable. 
  • A good backpack. This goes without saying, but a good bag goes a long way to keeping you more comfortable touring and riding.
  • Water bottle and food.
  • Headlamp is a must. If you are going into the backcountry you will also want to look into additional backcountry gear (first aid, fire starter, map, compass) but this is a topic for another article.
  • Finally, no guide to backcountry travel would be complete without mentioning an Avalanche Beacon, Probe, Shovel and some education of avalanche safety. Find an avalanche training course near you and get educated before heading out into the backcountry.
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