What's the difference between Speed Zone™, Boa®, and Traditional lacing?

Speed Zone™ – Strong and low-profile, Speed Zone™ Lacing provides lightning fast lacing control while allowing you to independently customize the fit of the upper and lower zone in seconds while being easier on your fingers. More lacing power means a more snug fit, providing more rebound, wrap and response, with less lacing effort. New England Rope laces add a virtually indestructible character worthy of our Lifetime Warranty.


Boa® – All Burton men’s, women’s, and youth boots with Boa® feature the virtually indestructible, Warrantied for Life performance of Burton-exclusive New England Rope laces. Built with a re-designed inner Coiler spool to route the laces, the dial-it-in system retains its quick, easy, and effective lace adjustment. Natural fiber ropes give a more natural flex and feel for greater all-day comfort. Available in single and dual-zone options, the system quickly loosens or tightens with simple twists of the Boa® dial.


Traditional – No fancy wires, reels, or handles, just a couple of laces for that tried and true feel and the most customization.





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