Why do I need to layer?

In alpine climates, conditions can change rapidly and drastically. Layering allows you to adapt your gear to the changing environment. First layers are always recommended and come in a variety of different weights. Lightweight layers are good for transitional seasons, mid-weight layers are good for average winter conditions, and expedition weight layers are your warmest first layers for the coldest days.  Insulators, another important piece to the layering story, play a large role in providing warmth in very cold conditions while still using your shell jacket.  So, if it is cold in the morning and then warmer in the afternoon you can simply remove a layer instead of being stuck with one jacket or bringing multiple jackets.  Also, layering allows you to fine tune the amount of insulation you need to get the most comfort and warmth. 


  • More versatile to keep you comfortable and warm in changing weather conditions or activity.
  • Personalized to your level of activity.
  • Better breathability.
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